Eun Hyuk


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782 days ago


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jewel0925 781 days ago

Happy 28th Birthday My Precious Jewel~Not Everlasting~I Love You Till You're 82...XD

___SuWeJu___ 781 days ago

Happy birthday!!!
Have fun and enjoy it to your fullest...^^

DindaDw_ 781 days ago

Hahah cute xD happy birthday oppa ({}) love banget deh <3

Diana0701iteuk 781 days ago


dewiapabae 781 days ago

hahaha, mukanya kaga keliatan tuh bang ^ ^

ElsaPElf 781 days ago

I prefer to give you with MY HEART AND MY BOD... lol ~HPB~

Shradha1993 781 days ago

i can't evn see u properly...anyways Happy Birthday.....<3

GeraldineMoZa 781 days ago

Happy Birthday oppa oppa!! ^^ Blessing from Mexico!!

ikadyah_hasanah 781 days ago

may i help you now? ? ^_^

RaniELF2692 781 days ago b'day oppa...God bless u always...

Husnul_Adibah 781 days ago

I Can't see your face..Hahhaha,Happy Birthday Oppa!!

PatiUchiha 781 days ago

오늘같은 특별한 날 행복한 일들이 많이 생기길 바랍니다 ^^,모든 소원이 이루어지길 바랍니다. 생일 축하해요 You are a blessing Hyuk Sama <3

Ryeoknii621 781 days ago

Oppaa Happy Brithday...

HushXio 781 days ago

Happy Brithday !! C:

Dintahyuk46 781 days ago

ahhhh happy birthday my hyuk T-T /wiping my tears/ #HappyHyukDay

eugenie017 781 days ago

haha Can't see ur face! lol #HappyHyukDay

aziezah1216 781 days ago

so cute #HappyHyukDay

omieyz 782 days ago

Happy birthday

wintergyu 782 days ago

ah I cant see your cute face..... ,,,:D

danita0799 782 days ago

cute cute Happy Birthday eunhyuk love love <3 <3