Seungri Broadcast Information [Trans]


"The Files of young Kindaichi Hong Kong Kowloon Treasure Murder Case"
 Nippon TV affiliates 21:00 ~ Drama
 【Hong Kong】TVB J2 Channel ~ 1/12(Sat) 21:35~ (JST 22:35~)
 【Taiwan】VIDEOLAND ~ 1/12(Sat) 22:00~ (JST 23:00~)
 【Korea】SBS Plus ~ 1/12(Sat) On Air
 【Singapore】StarHub's E-CITY Channel ~ 1/12(Sat) 20:00~ (JST 21:00~)
 【TVJapan】 North America Time ~ 1/12(Sat) 21:20~ (JST 13th 11:20~)

[Note: Broadcasting hours depend on the convenience of each TV station.]

Translated by: @ygshiba