Seungri’s Role & Comment on Kindaichi [TRANS]


Kim Rondon (or Ryongdong) role, Big Bang VI comment

When I received the drama offer, I couldn’t believe it and said “This must be kidding!”
 I often appear on variety shows but since I have less experience in acting, am I going to be alright acting along the professionals? I was thinking about it. After I had discussion with the director, he said to me just act as BIGBANG’s VI myself. But to gather all Asia’s top entertainers and do shooting, this will definitely going to be fun. It’s a good thing that my company said OK for me to act in the drama (laugh)

I have met Ryo kun (Yamada Ryosuke) during music shows before but during that time we didn’t really talk. I never know he’s a kind person. I think he’s great since he is still young but he leads and has become the center of the drama. And also I was shocked when I know Chun-chan (Wu Chun) is older than me.
 My character as Kim Ryondong is playing a delicious role and I think my role give a flavor for the drama. I also in charge of comedy in it. (laugh) I came to Hong Kong for the first time and the scenery was so beautiful. For the first time I know that drama shooting starts in early morning and the staffs must be having a hard time.

Creating a good work together with Asia’s top entertainers, so I’m really looking forward to have all of you to watch it. Other than Asia and to everyone around the world, I want them to know, if we work together, a very nice work can be produced.

Source: Kindaichi HK SP Website via @viholic_jp
 Translated by: @marthapido