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Play! Play! Watch the video .... fabulous!!! PRADA REAL FANTASIES SPRING/SUMMER 2013 - For the SS2013 Real Fantasies by AMO, Prada experiments a multi-faceted collage of hand-drawn and painted shapes, casting the shadows that they project. Simplicity, poetry and sentimentalism, processed through imaginary cinematic scenes; characters yearning in a world of sophisticated feelings, eluding nostalgia to inspect longing and legacy. Restraining versus revealing: conflicting attitudes in a series of intimate and social situations. Milano ·

ART DIRECTION by AMO: Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas, Ippolito Pestellini Laparelli, Miguel Taborda, Lucia Venturini, Lucia Zamponi
ARTWORK: Lok Jansen, Jeroen Koolhaas
EDITING and VISUAL FX by APRIL: Matteo Frittelli
FILMING by APRIL: Matteo Frittelli, Gabrio Bellotti
PHOTOGRAPHY: Phil Meech, Agostino Osio
MUSIC by 3o - Andrea Cassano, Alessandro Sicardi, Fabio Visocchi


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