"Put It Down" Chris Brown details his duet with Rihanna on her new album!

Since announcing a collaboration of Rihanna on her new album 'X', Chris Brown has been publishing details about this partnership that marks a time of friendly and loving relationship that the two reergueram in recent months.

 As if that was not enough'' Birthday Cake'','' Turn Up The Music'' and'' Nobody's Bussiness'', the singer shared vocals once again with the Barbadian for a song titled "Put It Up'' how well he tells in an interview with MTV News''.'' He revealed to the site that the music is also very sexy and young at the same time, and that will be an R & B that nobody has heard him sing, something new that people still had not expected him yet.

'' I wrote a song called "Put It Up.'' It's more than a song by R & B." I wanted to make a range of R & B with Rihanna, because I do not want it to pop generic same. At the end of the day, that's what they expect from us, so I wanted to make more of a song that nobody has heard me sing as much as this genre. "Describing the new music as" sexy ", he added:" You know what "It" is therefore only "Put It Up''

Brown also spoke of the ability of the composition and production of the album RiRi, citing even a possibility of a hard together with her one day:
"I, I'm in the studio looking like a ball of energy, I do not write ... I never write, everything outside of what's up here," said he, pointing to his head. "Whether I'm singing or rapping to myself, I'll sing a song, which comes with a concept and write it so fast that we'll finish the track like in an hour ... With his work ethic is the same - she is just liberal and vibrant. vai She is in the studio and easy for her, as it is nothing. "I remember he was doing his album, and one day, and she was shooting at the house ... and she was sitting there, the TV was on - [the sound] was off - but she was sitting there with headphones, singing loudly, making the music. "I was like, 'Wow, she makes it just like me, That's easy." He also teased the possibility of an EP or album full of duets with singer, commenting: ".. [This] may be crazy, but you have to wait for the 'X' and then you can begin to expect an album with only Rihanna and Chris Brown! "

The new album still has his collaborations with Nicki Minaj, Kelly Rowland, Kendrick Lamar and Wiz Khalifa, and will hit stores at the end of this or the second half of this year. Chris is still working on the new project of Jennifer Lopez, he said, only in the production and composition.