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Concept against poverty in old age



According to all forecasts, poverty among the elderly will increase in the coming years more and more. A lot of women will be affected. Therefore, we must act now to tackle pensioner poverty effectively.

At the center of our concept against poverty in old age is the guarantee pension . We want the pension PROHIBITIONS so that long-term insured for the purchase of basic security is avoided normally. We have the conditions to the guarantee pension deliberately set so that they are within realistic not only by men, but especially for women.

Guarantee pension alone is not enough. They must be accompanied by other preventive measures in the labor market and pension policy. Poverty in old age is more than just income poverty. It expresses itself from others in social isolation and poor housing conditions.

Our overall approach to poverty in old age, we have put in an expert meeting for discussion. Prof. Frank Meier zero by the Centre for Social Policy and Dr. Claudia Vogel have accepted our invitation to a lecture. Besides could Kerstin Andreae , vice-chairman and Dr. Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn , pensions spokesman for the group, welcomed numerous professionals from the social organizations, trade unions and business associations, and stakeholders to our discussion.
Minimum participation as a goal of the pension

With the guarantee pension we want to introduce a minimum level of long-term insured in the statutory pension insurance. We want to combat poverty and strengthen the pension age.

A central debate is always whether the fight against poverty in old age should also be an objective of pension or not the basic security would be better suited for it. Dr. Wolfgang Strengmann-Kuhn explained the debate on the subject within the parliamentary group of Alliance 90/The Greens. So we have decided to design the guarantee pension as insurance benefits within the statutory pension insurance. Prof. Dr. Frank zero Meier assisted in his presentation intends to align the state pension as a social insurance on a dual socio-economic participation backup: In addition to the objective of ensuring the equivalence participation should the objective of ensuring a minimum participation occur. For an exclusive Tackling pensioner poverty as part of the basic benefits, he argued that this would lead to a gradual erosion of the social security system and the legitimacy of the pension would thus increasingly precarious.

Dispute was debated whether the concept would be carried out at the Greens guarantee pension is too much or too little-tested. It was underlined on the one hand that the only pensions from various pension systems will be fully or partially and sufficient reason is a simple application for position. On the other hand it was argued that this would have to be repeated regularly to the pension income test was limited, particularly given that the private and occupational provision does not have the same continuity of safeguards, such as. Preparedness in the public pension

Return of the old-age poverty

Already widely known, however, of Dr. Claudia Vogel again shown impressive is the threat of significant increase in old-age poverty in Germany. This development is particularly reflected in the fact that on the one today, the average pensions of NeurentnerInnen are significantly lower than the current pensions and especially to the - over the last decade - significant increase in income poverty in the age groups 40 to 60 year olds. This significant increase in income poverty in the employees approaching retirement will - without political countermeasures - lead to a further increase in old-age poverty in the coming years and decades.

With this development is to always take into account that women are more affected by poverty in old age than men. This can be seen in an already high poverty rate among women. Women not only live much longer than men, and their pensions are much lower. This applies to West Germany to a greater extent than in the East. Contrary to many expectations, the age poverty among women is expected to remain higher in the future than that of men. Although the participation of women has increased in recent years, but mostly in part-time jobs or low-paying jobs. The result is that not much higher pension benefits for women arise as in the past, but the existing gender pay gap in its handling of a gender pension gap is.

Guarantee pension plus

It became clear in the technical discussion also that the introduction of guarantee pension can indeed be a critical element to combat poverty in old age, however, is not enough.

Both the level of pension as well as the personal pension is a continuous labor force participation at good wages crucial. In the role that can be played by voluntary private provision for old age is taken into account that the pension decisions for retirement is inevitable under very great uncertainty - regarding family planning and in terms of labor force participation - take place and the people so not taken entirely rational to be can.

General consensus was that most all people the possibility of an adequate retirement should be offered within the PAYG system. That was in the past and is not currently the case. Not all workers are covered by the pension system, yet to be paid for all other citizens sufficient contributions. Such upstream Tackling pensioner poverty should be implemented as soon as possible. As a first step towards a national insurance policy in the bond so we want to introduce minimum contributions for the unemployed and so far do not include compulsory insurance self in the public pension system .

It also became clear that other groups and issues need to be taken into view. To the fight against poverty in old age of migrants, creating smooth transitions into retirement, adequate pension levels and the ability to actually work belongs to the age limit can.