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No taxpayers' money for criminal banks in Cyprus



"Stick the taxpayers and the little people in Cyprus, but the financial sharks make their money out of the country. Every euro for Cypriot banks is a subsidy for the cartel of the 'banksters' and the black money mafia," Sahra Wagenknecht says the debate about capital flight from Cyprus and to statements by euro group chief Jeroen Dijsselbloem liability which the saver is a model for future bank bailouts. The First Deputy Chairman of the Group of the Left continues:

"The European Central Bank (ECB), the public must immediately inform circumstances and volume of capital flight from Cyprus. There is no bank secrecy for criminals. Should it prove true that billions of euros are especially flown to Malta and the UK, the balance of these transactions frozen immediately be If. uncooperative these EU Member States, their institutions, the banking license for the euro area to be withdrawn. oligarchs may have in Europe no safe haven, either in Nicosia, still in Valletta or the City of London. Indignation of Federal Government over Euro group chief Dijsselbloem is just political theater: Dijsselbloem has as whistleblowers Troika let the cat out of the bag wherever appear in future the Troika locusts, people will storm the banks, the Federal Government must now say clearly whether.. and where they want in an emergency shave Cash Cash -. including pension rights -. shorten overnight with the lawn mower is something completely different than the attraction of owners and major creditors of the banks and the holders of high deposits over a million The Left is the bank bailout and the Euro-saving bombs at the expense of the little people and the real economy in Cyprus refuse. "

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