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Released in Nou Barris building for families evicted



As I informed you This past March 26 was held last Thursday in a New Neighbourhood manifestACCIÓ the right to housing .

The demonstration took place on Via Giulia and pointing senyalitzan banks guilty of evictions, the final action was the release of a real estate housing to families evicted from the neighborhood , owned Caixa Penedès, located 84 Pablo Iglesias -88 | Directions .

For today and the next few days are preparing workshops and activities. disseminating this information is invited to approach and get to know the building and support the initiative.

Then on Friday activities and more information about this release.

The management of the flats will bring 500 × 20 group has already prepared a list of families who live in the building and start living there in the coming hours.

Opened last Thursday, but it came 3 days. The building was completely new state of neglect it for a few years.

The building was named Insula Utopia activities take place in the coming days to become known among the neighbors . You are all invited!

By on Friday , all day, free market. From 12am, has been reporting to the neighborhood, at 17h and 19h during macramé film forum "Memory of loot."

     Remember, if you can, come to support this popular initiative. The address of the building c. Pablo Iglesias 84-88 (L4 <M> Via Julia) | Directions .

For updates , you can follow the profile that has been created on Twitter, @ InsulaUtopia_9b and the hashtag # BienvenidaUtopia.