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The Best is Yet to Come!!!!!

I've seen skinny jeans but not skinny shorts!!!!!! LOL

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2680 days ago

I've seen skinny jeans but not skinny shorts!!!!!! LOL


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Teresa_Elyse 2624 days ago

You have a thing against skinny jeans & Deron has a problem with skinny "jorts"! Illini Alum could start a petition. :)

Teresa_Elyse 2631 days ago

Skinny "jorts".

z_miller 2662 days ago

Thats that new new.

plpfctn 2671 days ago

people who wear that have no respect for themselves.

LisaJanine517 2674 days ago

Oh thats hilarious!

utahjazzgirl26 2676 days ago


jose3030 2676 days ago

This cant be life.

girlfred 2679 days ago

k, how come you can't erase comments on photos?... cuz it sounds dumb when you make typos while your making fun of people.. Chhh, dang! :\

girlfred 2679 days ago

that guy would trip out if he knew D'Will took a pic of him... hahahaa!! - to made fun of him!! :D

kevanblackburn 2679 days ago

Just failin' at pullin off his inner johnny stockton. LOL!

big_rob_54 2680 days ago

Welcome to SLC lol!!!!Lmao!!!

theerealian 2680 days ago

I see that a lot in cali =/

JonathanLondon 2680 days ago

Confused Stockton fan?

girlfred 2680 days ago

LOL..... hhahaahaha lol

i_am_joey 2680 days ago

its a cut-up skinny jeans!

mmbiorge 2680 days ago

Wow..Is that a guy??

bmorepg 2680 days ago

Damn how he put them on pause..