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Francine Pascal

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 Elizabeth's Rival Elizabeth and Maria.   Sweet Valley High - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Considered to be a rival of the. 1. Playing for Keeps 50..  Elizabeth's Rival: Francine Pascal:  Sweet Valley High - Sweet Valley High Wiki  Sweet Valley High is a teen/young adult fiction book series. Can’t Stay Away; 2.   A COMPLETE List of ALL Sweet Valley High Books | Snark Valley  #123 Elizabeth’s Rival (May 1996) #124 Meet Me at Midnight (June 1996). Her dearest childhood friend, Amy Sutton, is moving back to Sweet Valley.   The Sweet Valley High BookList!  The Sweet Valley High BookList!. Elizabeth can't wait to see her.  Elizabeth's Rival 124. (Paperback. Meet Me at Midnight 125.  12th Grade – Sweet Valley High Senior Year.  After graduating from Sweet Valley High, Jessica and Elizabeth attend.  The first twelve Sweet Valley High books are being re-released in e-book format this fall.  What was the name of the steady girlfriend of Jessica and Elizabeth's brother Steven. Meet Me at Midnight; 125..  In the book "Three Days, two
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