Thank you for your support, Rachel @Maddow. Still, VA thinks we used string trimmers in Thailand to clear the jungle, roads, perimeters, runways, tarmac. Thailand-Laos-Cambodia vets during Vietnam War are noted as large part of the VA backlog. But not only are the majority of claims denied, the VA-DOD still won't acknowledge widespread Agent Orange use (until your widow appeals the decision...then you have a shot). Ample evidence from photos, documents, testimonials is available - but withholding the truth has produced over 40 years of medical mysteries for T-L-C Vets. By the time Vets are diagnosed, it's too late to take precautions - most are unaware of the herbicide exposure which remained classified long after Vietnam use was publicized.With each passing year and each passing veteran, the liability goes down. It pays for the VA to drag their feet, they're dealing with complex legal attribution in the government of Thailand in addition to 60,000 plus veterans.