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Palmer asking Coles for Tyler Perry phone number, Carson wants to act

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2495 days ago

Palmer asking Coles for Tyler Perry phone number, Carson wants to act


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stellar_vision 2483 days ago

andre caldwell is thinking "yeah right carson, you cant act"

stellar_vision 2483 days ago

carson has that hollywood leading man thing goin' on so he would get the chicks at the boxoffice

kaciann123 2491 days ago

I would def. pay to see him act lol.

free_burgslim 2492 days ago

yra guy in blue hat def a cutie

JustCandiceR 2493 days ago

Hey there's my friend QUAN

Reggie404 2494 days ago

what the ehll is undre caldwell doing

pinkytoejoe 2494 days ago

If the O-Line doesn't get better I can see Carson acting. Carson Palmer's House of Pain.

youngandrich7 2494 days ago

#WTF is Tank doing...lmao

light5441 2494 days ago

lmao carson actin

wscollins06 2495 days ago

Lol. I'd pay money to see that Carson Palmer acting w/ Tyler Perry!lmao!

& what's good w/ that OC brand let's take it global!

skaterdestinay 2495 days ago

Those desk suck if u left hand no where 2 put ya elbow.

osu45804 2495 days ago

I HATE those small desks

rubitdown 2495 days ago

Loks like some of these guys took "lights out" as a recommendation and not a requirement.

Vandal_MD 2495 days ago

That Tater tots lunch is kill'n yall! For real. Talk about that tonight.

Ms_Antarctica 2495 days ago

Who is the sexy one in the blue white sox hat? Gosh he's cute.

RamboCOOLidge 2495 days ago

Damn, Bubba look tired as hell. Y'all boys getting that early bird session, lol!

zX6rRiDa 2495 days ago

LOl Carson looks like he had a rough night he might not be following curfew... Wheres Jordan at? Product of UTEP...

Tbraxton18 2495 days ago

IZ The guy in the white tee playin wit his nipples. LMAO

Mr_Marx 2495 days ago

you bout to get suspended for twittin nigga, study the playbook lol

xixisman 2495 days ago

Did you guys just wake up! Haha