as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

female storm king class :D

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858 days ago

female storm king class :D


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Bloodsiphon 852 days ago

Im really disapointed in the clases damage out put, the art work is amazing but AE tarnished it

ungsod22Aqw 853 days ago

lol , the blue part kinda looks like my armor :3 http://twitpic.com/cddqdw

G73DZ 855 days ago

A copy of sepulchure zombie by sepulchure .

ChristopherJJ2 856 days ago

Good job,sir.And hope you a nice vacation.Good bye.

AdrixofFrost 857 days ago

Godamn! BEAUTIFUL work. I love the colouring with the armor and lightning. Favourite class by far.

Dage_Fan 857 days ago

if u flip it, the thumb would be on the wrong side. ik what u mean, he simply made it black and moved it, but u can't flip it fosho.

FriedRyce 857 days ago

Do you ever take a second to flip/reverse the left hand. 2 Right hands. GG

Himeko_Yukineko 857 days ago

Oh My God, I'm loving this. Good work as always ^^

Bloodsiphon 857 days ago

This looks sexy dage great work

Bloodsiphon 857 days ago

Eh not really this class will still have a AC version woot

BholeGuard 857 days ago

Awesome, I believe this would open in Rep Shop (only those who complete it) :D

hbjngj 858 days ago

no cc its awesome how it is

Grave_AQW 858 days ago

Seems as if were going to be in for a "shock". Lol

fahdgreen 858 days ago

needs more muscle imo in the arms

fahdgreen 858 days ago

make the blue cc and its the best armour there is

TheEmptyMind1 858 days ago

hmh...A good female class armor?

HolyKing_AE 858 days ago


Quintenii_AE 858 days ago

Whaw! That's looking awesome!! Great job!

Charlie_Pope 858 days ago

I want to hug it. I like the coloring on this one, too.