as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

the storm King class is here :D

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1306 days ago

the storm King class is here :D


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HansEldh 1298 days ago

AEgamer5001 1303 days ago

G7 dude this is dressupworld harder not new animations world

Bloodsiphon 1304 days ago

'Thats a stupid reason'

Bloodsiphon 1304 days ago

Lol thats a stupid ergiotth because aqw cant handle detailed attacks

Bloodsiphon 1304 days ago

With pure awesomeness this class deserves its own enhacements, like maybe call it thundering torrent which increases the classes Wisdom luck and intellect i never really care for endurance much

AdrixofFrost 1304 days ago

*Eyes fly out of my skull and grow as sentient bird-like beings*

Nulgathfiendx23 1305 days ago

Omg soooo cool

G73DZ 1305 days ago

http://twitpic.com/celj2d I copied this from a dage's draw hope you like it . And is this class going to have new animations ?

hbjngj 1305 days ago

make it a wizard class i dont have one rite now

hbjngj 1305 days ago

dont make it cc it is the awesomest thing i have ever seen

Quintenii_AE 1305 days ago

Looks awesome aswell. Really liking the concept and it tells me that the class will be a wizard type of class? :D

IsaacSmith_AE 1305 days ago

Yesssss!!!! I just barely got rank 10 Thunderforge!

Ergotth 1306 days ago

I know you are not the skills programmer and animator, but I won't get this class if all skills's animations be the lame "hack-n-slash"

Ergotth 1306 days ago

Usually, the "not-blacked-out" part is just in the concept art.

SolracAugustus 1306 days ago

fahdgreen 1306 days ago

plz make the blue part (thunder )cc

Charlie_Pope 1306 days ago

Oddly, I find myself wanting to hug it...
Great coloring, I'm diggin' the horns and hooves.

Schillehh 1306 days ago

Amazing, but im not sure what to think about the 'not blacked out' back hand.
But still, that claw is just Waauwie. Also noticed you use the brush tool alot, dont you? :o

HolyKing_AE 1306 days ago