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Ken Kercheval
Michaele Salazar-Curiel
Christopher Hunt
Sal Zanti
Sara Bakay
Brenda Jo Reutebuch
Matt Mills
David Ross

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Video with some of the most romantic and wonderful scenes from 'The Notebook', with music by N'Sync 'This I promise you. It has haunted me ever since, in part because of the story itself...        . Photos. Suggest To Friends.   The Promise | Trailer and Cast - Yahoo! Movies  After they meet in college, a wealthy boy named Michael and a poor girl named Nancy fall in love and want to marry, but the Michael's mother disapproves, so they elope.   THE MARTINS - THE PROMISE LYRICS - Song Lyrics - MetroLyrics  'Cause you know I made a promise that I intend to keep My grace will be sufficient in every time of. They are involved in a serious car wreck, with the young girl's face.   The Promise Reviews & Ratings - IMDb  Review: This one will engage your emotions - I first saw this movie on TV about 15 years ago.  Michael Buble Releases "You Make Me Feel So Young" Teaser #VIDEOS;  The Promise (1979) - IMDb  Two college students, one from a rich background, and the other from a poor one, decide to elope.   This Promise I Made | Facebook  Movie. Mackenzie made a promise to Grandma Violet, but Grandpa George is making it seem almost impossible to keep. One Of My Favorite Love Songs  This I promise you ('The Notebook') - YouTube  No Copyright Infringment Intended.   This I Promise You - N-Sync - YouTube  This I Promise You - N-Sync For That Special Someone.   A rich student's fiancee has her face destroyed by a car accident, and refuses to return to him fearing the loss of his love
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