jonathan ross


Former Drummer with ThrimbleWeed and the Vegetations

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1969 days ago


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BeffyWeffy 1945 days ago

are you breathing in?

honestjim 1947 days ago

wow wossy hold in that gut! i bet that was a relief when the photo clicked! big fan..get back to your radio show quick. 'honestjim'

Suzy_AM 1954 days ago

love The Soup, that guy is totally rad! lol

coldrid 1954 days ago

huge fan of you both.Has that photo been airbrushed?

sez1969 1958 days ago

My, how relaxed you look JR

vanessavanessa 1958 days ago

wow. omg,. love you both!!!

britintheus 1958 days ago

did Ryan Seacrest have surgery? :)

yesyesitsjess 1958 days ago

You look a bit buff.

ChellMaBell 1968 days ago

Two of my favorite talk show hosts!!

Betsy_Manning 1968 days ago

EXCELLENT! The Soup RULES! Ross RULES! Great pic!

kitty7990 1968 days ago

I love him!

04nbod 1968 days ago

Ah The Soup, what harry hill's TV burp tries to be but fails.

MMark67 1968 days ago

Wots The Soup.......and why you 'sucking ya gut' in John

djdlicious 1969 days ago

Great photo of you and ! The Soup rocks!

russfan101b 1969 days ago

Lovin your new shorter hair JR very nice...
Love & Light x

marvindrysdale 1969 days ago

joel's skin tone doesn't look good.

MelyssaFJ 1969 days ago


HighFalutinTwit 1969 days ago

Great photograph! I never miss The Soup.

josephgelb 1969 days ago

I am a big fan of your TV show.

Tim_Haig 1969 days ago

Not that tall.