Marina Orlova


Philologist. Putting the LOL in PhiLOLogy

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2552 days ago


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curledmoss 2417 days ago

nice hips

irfan2k9 2523 days ago

nice teacher

XuyenN 2529 days ago

nice shippng....!!!

josue_malaga 2536 days ago


2utoday 2543 days ago

Fantastic tan!!

thatErrolguy 2548 days ago

Help my spine fell out.

Big5XL 2548 days ago

You are pretty, long and lean. Nice legs, too!

Big5XL 2548 days ago

Interesting stretch!

grantc89 2550 days ago

wow, you need to eat something i could pick you up and throw you.

bobzeko 2550 days ago

i cant breeth ( BOB " EGYPT " )

jerrylieb12 2551 days ago

how tall are you? you have to be like 6 1

photoline 2551 days ago

Long lovely limbs.

CameraNut46 2551 days ago

Sorry,I don't swim, but it looks very nice in Nice. What a simple life of endless pleasure! You are just gorgeous. Here in New York we are having rain and more rain. It's that Russian volcano mucking up the atmosphere.

Chemikal 2551 days ago

you know we can't come swim with you, so why ask? uh, such evilness :)

RM10 2551 days ago

you're simply beautiful marina.

macnewsbuzz 2551 days ago

Let investigate the word "suckup".

jt1stcav 2551 days ago

As much as you enjoy showing off that incredible body of yours, I think you really could do that French video walk (baby)!

wilgarcia1 2551 days ago

Splash splash!!!!

hschaeffer 2551 days ago

Just who the heck are you, Marina - the worlds hottest teacher or James Bond's replacement? I'm confident that you do, in fact, have a license to kill. I'm definitely auditioning for the role of lead 'Orlova Boy'. ;-)

Danocat 2551 days ago