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Stefan Kratke

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        .  More recently the emerging field of  urban  ecology, which explicitly includes humans as fundamental components of systems, has taken a  social -ecological systems approach to the  study  of  cities . The essays in . .  Full text | Globalization and  social  determinants of healthThis is an Open Access article distributed under the terms of  the Creative  Commons Attribution License ( which permits unrestricted use, distribution, and reproduction in any medium, provided the original .  Urbanization  is also defined by the United Nations as movement of people from rural to  urban  . Just 100  cities  account for 30% of the world ;s  economy , and almost all its  innovation .    URBAN  MIGHT.  London: 2012 vegetable gardens by 2012 - Dansk Arkitektur CenterA sustainable food initiative called  Capital  Growth has been encouraging Londoners to turn derelict land into vegetable gardens that will yield local, seasonal and organic food.   Further, the Commission did not inquire into how the  economic  and geopolitical dynamics of a  changing  international environment ( ;globalization ;) support and undermine health, or how these dynamics can be channelled to improve .  Most of the literature on  innovation  and entrepreneurship tends to focus on mainstream  innovations  which are usually related to the context of developed  economies .   Indian  cities  are forecast to generate 70% of new jobs  created  to 2030, produce more than 70% of Indian GDP, and drive a near fourfold increase in per capita incomes across the nation.  Studies in Urban and Social Change. Session Four: .  and also the Brookings Institute) link  innovation economics  to  urbanization  and, in Glaeser ;s new  book , to density itself in that  cities /metro areas facilitates greater face-to-face contact which enhances the diffusion of these  creative  ideas et al.Wicked Problems,  Social -ecological Systems, and the Utility of .   for  social change , innovating new types of organisation and legal forms.   (Source: Harris  Interactive , June 2007.) . .  …My heart ;s in Accra » CHI keynote: Desperately Seeking SerendipityAnd since 1950, we ;ve seen a rise in  urban  populations at a much faster rate than rural populations, and the United Nations Department of  Economic  and  Social  Affairs World  Urbanization  Prospects report predicts that we ;re about to see this continued growth .  Predictions: With 60 million new  urban  dwellers each year,  cities  are . Architectural historians are reexamining the utopian and .  Studies in Urban and Social Change #19: Working Bodies. Enjoy! . .   Wicked problems are those that have multiple interacting systems —  social , ecological, and  economic  — a number of  social  and institutional uncertainties, and imperfect  knowledge , all of which apply to the state of the New York megacity immediately following Sandy.Citysumers - TrendwatchingFirst published in February 2011 | As rapid  urbanization  is one of the biggest macro trends of our time, you can ;t go wrong innovating for existing and newly minted  ;CITYSUMERS ; around the world. . Apart from offering healthy, affordable produce .  Bo01 - an ecological  city  of tomorrow - Dansk Arkitektur CenterThe housing exhibition site has since developed into the district known as Bo01 (Live01) where the emphasis for the town planners has been on high-quality permanent housing solutions, architectural diversity and  urban  spaces