Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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1223 days ago


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Jewelfis407 1215 days ago

Nae nampyeon so cute !

alitz29 1220 days ago

sepsy! :3

inA_Gadiss 1220 days ago

yeah,,, oppa! I'm here !

ckalyi 1221 days ago

please ----jebal----porfavor come to México and ready for suju #SuperJuniorAndMexicoSS5

nadia_heika 1221 days ago


HaNguyen92 1222 days ago

^^! hope that not just u but all members will have a good good performance tomorrow...I'm really want to see it^^!...take a rest early to prepare for Super Show 5^^!

amalqist 1222 days ago


EviLeeHyuk 1222 days ago

huh really handsom

fanyeyelfish 1222 days ago

I love you guys

lighterskyes 1222 days ago

i don't like your hair

elfly0526 1222 days ago

hi yeobo... hi chagia.. ^^

qynook 1222 days ago

동해 오빠!!!! 예성 오빠!!!! > <

zagurlzh 1222 days ago

really got blonde? Kkk

Novhytashfly 1222 days ago

. wow new hair colour oppa, I like your style. Ahjussi yesung your very cool use black glassess.

KurdishELFishy 1222 days ago

love you both ^^ i love your hair Donghae <3

CN_MonZeCloud 1222 days ago

Yesung oppa you too you'd look very handsome with blonde hair again ^^
사랑해요 ♥

CN_MonZeCloud 1222 days ago

Donghae and you looks very handsome.. by the by, donghae looks good with that style..

CN_MonZeCloud 1222 days ago

I like the way you take selcas, you take it very good ^^

djivorytigress 1222 days ago

Great pic love you

AOMNAKHA 1223 days ago

Wow wow หล่อ จริงๆ เลย