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 — The GOP's image has recently been subjected to independent criticism, in light of its massive losses in the last election. GOPpers were so fooled in their self-induced, ego-encased stupor, that they were shocked when they LOST, despite their voter suppression and voter fraud efforts. So, they hired professionals to conduct focus groups as a post mortem check up on the dying GOP. The results are fascinating. From the official report: "There’s been a long running debate on the intellectual right about whether the GOP suffers from “epistemic closure,” a condition in which conservatives block out all dissenting voices until eventually their own arguments sound nonsensical to anyone who doesn’t already agree with them. The RNC report concludes this is a real and growing problem." Told you so!! We've argued with their trolls about this for years. Now it's official. They only hear themselves!! Duh! And yet, they still don't get it. For the Republicans to make substantive changes in their "product" they'd be Democrats. For them, then, it's a lose/lose situation. If they change only their message or "brand" they will be putting lipstick on pigs. And if they change their product, they'll become Democrats. Besides, the Tea Party racists and bigots are NOT going to change. Period. Watching the GOP circular firing squad is quite entertaining. Stay tuned... Here's the link: http://tpmdc.talkingpointsmemo.com/2013/03/6-big-takeaways-from-the-rncs-incredible-election-autopsy.php?ref=fpb — with Paula Johnson Francesshelli.