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Bloc Québécois denounces cuts $ 55 million



Ottawa, Tuesday, March 12, 2013 - "Two weeks before the next budget, the federal government signals are disturbing. In the 2013-2014 spending plan released recently, the federal government provides $ 55 million in cuts in the budget of the Economic Development Agency of Canada for the Regions of Quebec (CED Quebec). If no shift is made ​​in the budget, there are hundreds of companies from all regions of Quebec will pay the price of the withdrawal of federal and private services will and means to ensure their development. This is also bad news for workers and the unemployed who are already dealing with the ideological reform of employment insurance. Together, these two measures are an undrinkable cocktail for the Regions of Quebec, "said the leader of the Bloc Quebecois, Daniel Paille .

Estimates in 2013-2014, it is written black on white that the federal government will cut the budget of Quebec in December from 18% in a single year. This increase from 308 906 006 254 931 372 à dollars, a reduction of close to 55 million dollars. 

"Companies in the region are faced with the realities of their own: instability of the local market, high transport costs, poor infrastructure, modern communication tools absent from the territory, and expensive air transport deficient difficulty of recruiting labor from skilled labor, lack of governmental research, difficulty in marketing their products abroad. The government should help companies that allow people to live in the region and occupy the territory to overcome these difficulties. Cut mine in the economic development of regions turn to a diversified economy that values ​​and transforms resources. Reducing the budget of Quebec in December, the federal government will contribute to the depletion regions of Quebec, "said for his part, Jean-François Fortin , MP for Haute-Gaspésie-La Mitis-Matane-Matapedia-spokesman Bloc Québécois for Regional Development.

"Regions of Quebec are already severely affected by the reform of the employment insurance. However, make cuts in December Québec is a new attack against the regions of Quebec. Currently, the federal government not only does not help the economic health of the regions of Quebec, but there night by ensuring that citizens regions do not have access to quality services they deserve and for which they pay, "said Daniel Paille .  

"We urge the Conservative government not to make cuts in the budget in December Québec. Ultimately, the Bloc Québécois wants the budget allocated to the agency to be transferred to the Government of Québec, more sensitive to the economic needs of the regions of Quebec. As we approach the next budget, the federal government has a responsibility to ensure that its decisions do not exacerbate the effects of the difficult economic environment. The Bloc Québécois has submitted to the Minister of Finance rigorous proposals that would prevent a return to fiscal balance jeopardize the economic development of all regions. It is not too late to make a change of direction, "concluded Daniel Paille .

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