Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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1360 days ago


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miachicshow 1357 days ago

づ ̄3 ̄づLovely Girl

hanna060587 1357 days ago

yesung're a good son :)

_kuan_ 1358 days ago

Like this photo, so sweet ~ ^_^

karlarosas7 1359 days ago

Very nice oppa see beautiful selca with your mom fighting

arshy3 1359 days ago

how are you prospective in-laws? glad to so you were with your mom

Kiki_961 1359 days ago

so sweet.. :D

shflyfah4424 1359 days ago

aaaa your mother so awesome oppa *-*

ReinhaELF 1359 days ago

(ʃƪ◦ˆ‿‿ˆ◦) My mom n Yeobbo heheheh I Luv U FULL ^,^

MeriemLouahem22 1359 days ago

yesung 어머니 사랑합니다 ^^ and 감사합니다 , 사랑해 어머니

MeriemLouahem22 1359 days ago

yesung 어머니 사랑합니다 ^^

JiYe_ongsung 1359 days ago

Por eso te amo, Tus fotos me haen tan feliz Y con mi suegra csm TTT_TTT falto Yo xd

babykim3424 1359 days ago

Beautiful mother & yesung handsome *^^*

karlitaHarvey 1359 days ago

mi suegra :D.... cute yesung I love ❤

Du7un_WIFE 1359 days ago

good:):) my beautiful mother & you look so gorgeous, cute yesung oppa:)

les_alex998 1359 days ago

tu y mi suegra XDD (que bueno que no sabes español lol)

CanadaELFDiana 1359 days ago

Your mother must be so proud of you!

CN_MonZeCloud 1359 days ago

Oww i love this photo. Your mother and you have similar features, both are very, very cute ❤

CN_MonZeCloud 1359 days ago

I really, really want her to be my mother in law ㅎㅎ:shy:

EsterLutondowo 1359 days ago


fanyeyelfish 1359 days ago

my beautiful mother