Who among @KARLWOLFs #Wolfers, calling #Wolfernation, would love to have an auto biography written out to read about his life, #WolfPack @KonciousMonia @PascalMalkoun @strigerbwoy @DJROMEOAM  @B_ELI_Bodyguard PaulLizzi. Karl's accomplishments, future TV series etc. I would love to also write the inspiring story of @VanessaKARLWOLF, her journey to obtaining her dream with Childrens_wish. RT this and help me get this to Karl Wolf's eye please :)! I want to make this book as a gift to his fans and him! @SzViragNatalia :D @slinki21 @KARIMAWOLFs @karlinawolf1 @KARLWOLFs @MandiieeWolf @Marianne_Wolf @Kuni111 I have been sketching this out for a while now! ;) It could be the start of a beautiful piece. #TeamWork