#Smallville #Clois Please help!! Not sure if anyone already has made one, but if not…I have been DYING for a Clois pic-spam from the Finale door scene. Particularly with images near the end of the scene, where they both have their hands on the door… Lois with tears in her eyes & Clark with that infamous, dopey “I-love-Lois” look on his face while he’s staring at his hand on the door…where if you didn’t know better you’d almost swear he’s cheating & using a little X-ray Vision to look right at her! ;) I just adore the way that scene plays out but so far the pics I’ve found have been limited & just don’t capture the best moments of the scene (that, in my mind, are the moments *after* he puts his hand on the door to reassure her that he’s still there). Either I’m not looking in any of the right places or I’ve just missed them after almost 2 years! Thanks in advance! 

And…I know it’s not much of a bribe, but if you’re able to make this pic-spam for me, or find a decent one, I’ll dedicate one of my upcoming Clois music videos to you…and YES, I do plan to get back to vidding as soon as I can get my laptop fixed *fingers crossed*! I already have 3 WIPs!! ;)