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       .  like all vintage Doctor Who home video packages. 5 star.   List of Doctor Who serials - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The show's high episode count resulted in Doctor Who holding the world record for the. 0.   Doctor Who | PopMatters  At the end of Episode One, the Doctor coaxed Rose away from her weakling boyfriend (Noel Clarke).   Doctor Who - Story #133: Frontios (Peter Davison as the 5th Doctor) 1 disc, 98 minutes, 4 episodes, full frame video, English mono audio, English subtitles, $24.98 SRP. Doctor Who: The Awakening (Story 132): Peter Davison. The Doctor. 2 star.  And that's the point of the first episode. 4 star.  133: Resurrection of the.   Doctor Who: The Movie (Two-Disc Special Edition) (Story 160) ~ Paul McGann DVD 3.7 out of 5 stars ..  Doctor Who: Frontios : DVD Talk Review of the DVD Video  Frontios was a four-episode serial that occurred during the tail end of Peter Davison (The Fifth Doctor). 1.  The DVD release is titled Doctor Who.  because beyond its vaguely absurd B-movie plot this is a story