Today, 13th of March, is the birthday of Rin Tezuka from #KS, Katawa Shoujo.

Rin Tezuka is an up-and-coming artist in class 3-4 of Yamaku. Born with severely deformed arms (RAITA's original sketch labelled her as a 'Thalidomide Baby'), all that is now left are tiny stumps, leaving Rin just her feet, or occasionally her mouth, for all dexterous activity. As such, to avoid embarrassing situations, she is seen wearing a boy's uniform around the school. 
As an artist, Rin is an extremely creative person, and equally philosophical: it is not uncommon to spot her lost in thought, or giving voice to abstract opinions on man, the universe, and so on, with confounded friends or colleagues listening on. For her, art is the preferred and least confusing way of communication, and she dislikes putting it into words at least as much as others understand her opinions. 

"I don't really like talking about art. It's like being bored and talking about being bored, because you are bored."

"Can I listen to your heartbeat?"

"No, you see, the problem it that I'm not really sure who I am"

"No matter what, I just can't say the things I want."

"Change is the scariest thing in the world for me."

"Sky is the only thing that is perfect."

But the warmth of a real hug is still there, and that's how I recognize it for what it is.

Yeah, this is what I meant. 
That you have someone you can come to when you get soaked in a rain. 
It means you are not alone.

"Present" if a fleeting and vague concept at best.
The moment between past and the future?
That doesn't really mean anything.
Thinking too much about things that don't make sense is a waste of time.
That's why living through the present is always the best option.
Besides, for us who can't foresee the future and who forget the past too easily, present is really the only proof of our existence.
Even though existence will go on even if you forget about it for a while, it's good to seize the day at least every once in a while.

That way... you can confirm that you are, in fact... alive.

"Let's just watch the clouds for today."