#EU KEEP KICK #Romania a country of BARBARIANS out of SCHENGEN!!! 
SO HORRIBLE!! HERE YOU CAN SEE THE DEATH CAMPS from public Schelters in #ROMANIA and one of the monster who is responsible for it,  named Crin Antonescu

Bloody Bastards who are responsible for THAT...

These pictures speak for themselves!!


"Nivelul de civilizatie al unei natiuni este dat de atitudinea fata de animale" (Ghandi)

Romania organized crime & stray dog business, Romania, the country with three million stray dogs
The street dogs of Romania are hated, poisoned, beaten, stabbed, shot, run over by cars, burned, and dumped in pits to starve to death. Some who are killed have their ears cut off by people who are able to turn them in for “rewards”. Hundreds of thousands of innocent dogs condemned to death every year, their only crime is being born.


Please sign this petition!!

European Parliament: Investigate, action & ensure ROMANIA meets EU standards for animal welfare 

The treatment of animals in Romania is unacceptable within the EU and the Romanian Government should be accountable for failing the basic requirements concerning animal welfare and be made take action now to address the situation which is nothing less than horrific!