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Check out www.theheidimontagworkout.com! @chadwaterbury just finished my ebook exercise program!!!! See how I train!

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1875 days ago

Check out www.theheidimontagworkout.com! just finished my ebook exercise program!!!! See how I train!


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erinduncan2112 1570 days ago

heidi there was no need to go have all that plastic surgery look how pretty you were before and now....

anicole_18 1780 days ago

omg people quit being so fucking jealous

shineie 1783 days ago

you pretty.. but im not happy that you dont see lauren anymore

lordofthepaps 1807 days ago

no one gives a shit

amandaldemoss 1809 days ago

why do people keep commenting your pictures if they hate you? soooo funny! and pathetic lol

gpakistan 1811 days ago

HA. NO ONE CARES. "See how I train"? YOU DONT TRAIN. YOU JUST HAVE PLASTIC SURGERY. you make me laugh.

NurseCynthia09 1811 days ago

your so fake, and well, ugly.

CoutureAshleyBb 1811 days ago


OfficialNalda 1814 days ago

you look like a barbie lol
still cute =D

ArminPasagic 1814 days ago


millylowe 1827 days ago

your so fucking annoying

fvaldess 1848 days ago

are you kidding me?

livvxitxup 1848 days ago

OH yeahh people! lets all look at heidis "famous for nothing" web page! God. why are u in hollywood? honestly WHAT do you do? bitch about your nails on a reality show?

daryll2009 1851 days ago

montag's famous "gallop-like-a-horse-exercise"

Clions 1853 days ago

I think you look alot more natural in this picture. Ive followed The Hills since day one, and to be honest. I prefered the old Heidi. This picture reminds me of her.

debbicohen 1854 days ago

Anything to make a buck

ecinice 1854 days ago

shape body.. that's pretty cool... XDD

XuyenN 1854 days ago

will see the program, hope it work.

ashlieliza 1859 days ago

you really don't even have enough self-confidence to not wear makeup when you're WORKING OUT?! wow I feel bad for you.

BenAndris 1864 days ago

I showed my mom this me and her love uuuuuuuuu