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Marcela Valencia
Carolina Vivas
Guillermo Castañeda
Inés Prieto
Hernando Montenegro
Gustavo Camacho
Gustavo Angarita
Juvenal Camacho
Ingrid Cielo Ospina

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  Videos | Invisible Children  Invisible Children's original media.   Invisible Children (2006) - IMDb  This movie, undoubtedly, WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE.   INVISIBLE CHILDREN - YouTube  Invisible Children uses film, creativity and social action to end the use of child soldiers in Joseph Kony's rebel war and restore LRA-affected communities.   Invisible Children - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  Invisible Children: Rough Cut is a 2006 American documentary film which depicts the human rights abuses by the Lord's Resistance Army in Uganda. It is imperative that everyone sees this.   KONY 2012 - YouTube  31:30 MOVE: Invisible Children's new film from the creators of KONY 2012 by invisiblechildreninc 56,830 views 3:32 KONY 2012 is working. 1) "Tanza": Mehdi Chafer shows a boy called Tanza in an undefined country in Africa fighting. In the spring of 2003.         . From the very beginning we’ve been storytellers and visionaries aiming to inspire hope and action in our generation. It is heart warming and wrenching simultaneously.  All the Invisible Children (2005) - IMDb  Seven shorts about childhood problem through the eyes of seven directors.  (& #InvisibleChildren) One Yr Later (after most viral cause-centric video in history.  Related Videos  Film | Invisible Children  Invisible Children was founded on a film.   Invisible Children – Home | Invisible Children  Turning the big 1-6 only happens once and Invisible Children su