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Chaos Dragonlord Vath

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2009 days ago

Chaos Dragonlord Vath


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Trinr 1938 days ago


Terrowin 1984 days ago

awesome dragon

Felix_AE 1984 days ago

he prbably was an elf-thing but got chaorupted

Brega_AE 1991 days ago

He doesn't scare me. WAIT BACK OFF. AHHHHH. (CHOMP)

WiiR 1997 days ago

Evolved DL armor.....Is he just an ordinary DL gone bad...well chaotic.

DatIbby 1998 days ago

you people dont remember Escherion the Battle mage? he was Uber purple! ans vath has black on hi too.

AnhKhoa1 2002 days ago

Is that a Evolve Dragonlord but it's purple?

maximumrider01 2002 days ago

PLLLLEEEAASSEEEE Let him drop a non mem armor and sword. PLEASE MAN IM BEGGING U

kinzvlle 2002 days ago

yes i know he is a dark elf dark as in evil not choas

Dmcd6119 2004 days ago

dum asses hes a drow a dark elf

Dialga26 2004 days ago

Dl's should get special drops from him maybe Dl evolved /crossfingers
but it should be non mem because alot of da holders arent mem and Drow sabre is a downsized less purple form of his sword

kinzvlle 2005 days ago

he is not that bad his dragon is chaos and so his da and it feeds off his mind we have to get rid of his da the dragon i have no ide what to do with

Lady_Adella 2005 days ago

I Want his Sword. Forget all the purple. We know Purple means Chaos in AQW, but man, that's just Way too much. Wonder if he's a little on the Plum side?

JWise316 2005 days ago

Cuz drow have white hair

drakathchaos 2006 days ago

muahahaha my servant will be a formidable opponent as the twins will be muahahahahahaha the 13lords of chaos will rule!

Siger2891 2006 days ago

evil evolved dragonlod........ oooo im so JEALOUS!

disasteraptr 2007 days ago

Cysero! I am going to go upgrade all of my AE accounts right away!

eyebrain 2007 days ago

reply. i hope that armor will be as drop or in shop

eyebrain 2007 days ago

i hope his armor will be as drop or in shop

Crystal_Lion 2007 days ago

Why not go the whole hog and give him purple hair? Purple on the brain!