Obama pushes domestic gas; alternative energy "encouraged"

In his State of the Union address on Tuesday, American President Barack Obama pushed to decrease waiting periods for domestic drilling permits, hoping that the boost in gas production will wane the U.S. off its foreign dependence and “encourage” a move to green-energy. Unfortunately — he’s wrong.
Oil prices have continued to rise over the previous four years, despite domestic production increasing by nearly two-million barrels a day. That, according to the Center for American Progress Action Fund.
“Oil prices are set on a world market that is not really affected by domestic production,” said senior member Daniel Weiss. “Therefore, US oil production also has little effect on gasoline prices here.”
Obama’s push for domestic production comes as a response to the growing energy costs for middle-income families. According to the American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, half of all American households are expected to doll out an average of $4,500 on energy this year; or an outrageous 20% of their TOTA after-tax income. (60% of that $4,500 will be spent on transportation costs alone!) Now, NRGLab’s crystal technology has the ability to generate electricity at a mere $0.03/kW. Imagine cutting your at home energy costs in half! Or into confetti! 
Investing in energy alternatives, seen by many as ‘more of the government’s wasteful spending’, saves people money in the long term. And not just the investors — we’re talking regular American families who will save BIG TIME. People with nine to five jobs, mortgages, and college funds to worry about. You want to boost the economy? Let these people spend all the money they’ll save! In this way, like a stone thrown in a stagnant lake, energy policy effects the economy, which effects culture, which renews the American dream. 
President Obama understands that clean energy is the way of the future. However, with so many battles being fought in Congress, the President refuses to take a harsh enough position on energy. Let’s be clear: natural gas is only a TEMPORARY solution. It may spark new jobs and serve as an illusionary bandage over a bleeding economy, but it certainly won’t ease the transition to new technology, and it certainly won’t steer us off the path of global meltdown.


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