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Elin Klinga
Oliver P. Peldius
Ann-Cathrin Palme
Thommy Berggren
Stellan Skarsgård
Lena Granhagen
Pernilla August
Jasmine Heikura

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Lena.   Glasblåsarns barn (1998) :: starring: Jasmine Heikura, Oliver Peldius  Glasblåsarns barn. CAST.  where can I buy the movie GlasblÃ¥sarns barn  Glasblåsarns barn, 1998.. Enable Site Tools.. Sources: .  Glasblåsarns barn (1998)  Based on the novel by widely known Swedish children's author Maria Gripe, this is the story of two children, Klas and Klara.   Glasblåsarns barn (1998) - IMDb  Based on the novel by Maria Gripe, this is the story of two children, Klas and Klara, growing up in the poor Swedish countryside of the mid-19th century. Aka: The Glass-blower's Children. Their father.  All Movie Guide  Glasblåsarns Barn 1 - YouTube  www.motherearthartists.com.  There seems to be no release on video - at least, I am unable to find it. growing up in the poor Swedish.  Glasblåsarns barn - Welcome to the Lost Movies Archives :)  For: Glasblåsarns barn Albums: None .   Glasblåsarns barn (The Glass-blower's Children) - Rotten Tomatoes  Review: This Swedish-Norwegian-Danish children's film is an adaptation of the popular 1964 children's book by Maria Gripe, a classic translated into more than..
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