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Slash: Blade of Death movie download

Lien Kwei Chi
James Tien
Wen Tai Li
Maria Yi
Hsin Fang
Hsi Chang
San Chin

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 Slash: Blade of Death (1971)  Eight stars for pure entertainment value.   #88- The Shanghai Killers (AKA Slash: Blade of Death; Tian-lin.  Slash branched out into film by launching his own.   Satan’s Blade 1984 Review | a SLASH above  All Slasher movies tracked down, dismembered and dissected at a Slash above. The Chase (inserted into Bruce.  so I watched Cards of Death, Moonstalker and Satan’s Blade one after another on my first. Director: Tian-lin Wang  Slash: The Blade of Death, a.k.a.   Excerpt from: "Dick Randall, Bruce Li, Jimmy Wang Yu and who?" as originally posted on April 30, 2011, at  Bruce Lee.   Slash: The Blade Of Death - YouTube  (1971) AKA: The Shanghai Killers; The Chase; Chui Gik.  Famous Blade 'This Is 40. I first saw this film in 1973, when it was released in America on the first wave of the '70s kung-fu fad that followed the. Starring: James Tien, Maria Yi.  The film was shot in color, but it looks like a lightly tinted German expressionist movie.   #88- The Shanghai Killers (AKA Slash: Blade of Death; Tian-lin Wang;.   Slash: Blade of Death (1971) - IMDb  A mysterious stranger (James Tien) wanders around China- various people are after his "Blood Sword", which has something to do with his father's death years before.  Slash | Movies and Biography - Yahoo! Movies  Slash's 1992 endorsement of Black Death vodka did not mend fences.   SLASH:BLADE OF DEATH - Stagevu: Your View  Hide Share You can share this video by inserting this link into your emails or posts: Or you can insert this code into your website, blog, forum, and so on to embed.