as artist we live on forever in our work. with that being said even after death we will always live on :)

got some changes for the EVO darkcaster, hope this is a little more like it :D

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1455 days ago

got some changes for the EVO darkcaster, hope this is a little more like it :D


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MephilesAE 1209 days ago

Any idea of when it's gonna be in game? Or for the Legion dead knight (http://twitpic.com/d0gacj) ?

minisasy13 1445 days ago

Envolved dark caster class?

jsajaaja 1452 days ago

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Dwightt_AE 1452 days ago

EpicFreePrizes is FAKE, I had to experience it myself. It wants you to download some nasty malware.

Singularity810 1452 days ago

Question for epicfreeprizes users: how on earth do you get by the surveys? My computer blocks them saying that the site has attacked my computer.

D3m0nicTurtle 1453 days ago

he is releasing the all black one.

MaximusCorvinus 1454 days ago

Include the runes with it like in the promo art.. All i want is the Promo Art Set.. With all Black out.. thats looks more Epic than this one.. All will agree to me for sure..

MaximusCorvinus 1454 days ago

Evo Dark Caster sounds like a Car thing.

MaximusCorvinus 1454 days ago

Release the all out black Dark Caster also in the promo art..

Axelwins2 1454 days ago

That blue is so off putting... i'd rather it be blacked out now...

HolyKing_AE 1454 days ago

ermahgerd the hands are soooo cool and weird lookin

HolyKing_AE 1454 days ago


magnadragon00 1454 days ago

i like it's futuristic look.

magnadragon00 1454 days ago

i like it! but i think i like the dark caster class more though.

MiNDBz 1454 days ago

Thanks for making the face a little different than the old DC. In this pic, he looks pissed.

Thoreyan 1454 days ago

btw Happy b-day dage gratz on reall life lvl up :D

Thoreyan 1454 days ago

Was wondering if you guys could help me improve my flashin skillz! http://twitpic.com/c7cakl

aqw_eeedy 1454 days ago

Meh.. It's okay. But that hair and head sure is awesome looking!