This is #Paradise: A 15-year-old girl in the #Maldives whose step-father is accused of repeatedly raping her and fathering a child by her, which he subsequently murdered, was sentenced to flogging for "fornication" 100 lashes.

The Maldives is a very popular Indian Ocean holiday destination, and is known for it's coral-fringed islands and sandy beaches. This is a nation under strict Islamic law. The population of the Maldives is the same as is Belize, 330, 000 people. The legal system of the Maldives has elements of Islamic Sharia law as well as English common law. 

These islands are know as holiday paradise; clear blue water, pristine beaches and luxury resorts. This is a country that carries out the flogging of women despite calls from the UN Human Rights Council to drop the practice. Crimes against women is very common there and in other South Asian nations including #India, #Nepal, #SriLanka and #Bangladesh.