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Welcome To The Battleground (Texas)


Exciting things are happening in the Lone Star State! The Texas Democratic Party is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Battleground Texas, a new organization that launches today.  

As you might have read, some of President Obama's top former staffers are behind this new organization. Battleground Texas will focus on grassroots mobilization that will make Texas a state that counts in local, state and national elections. Tune in to the Colbert Report tonight to watch Jeremy Bird speak more about Battleground Texas.

There’s still a lot of work to be done before Texas is an official battleground. And the TDP is eager to continue that work along with Battleground Texas and other partners throughout the state.

Just last weekend, Gov. Perry called a Blue Texas a “pipedream” and blathered that, “the University of Texas will change its colors to maroon and white before Texas goes purple, much less Blue.” If ignorance is bliss, he must be ecstatic!

Gov. “Oops” seriously underestimates those of us who believe in a better future for ALL the people of our great state! We know that Texas can do better. We know that we can adequately fund our schools! We know that we don’t need to have millions of uninsured Texans. We know that we’re better than this. And we know that things are going to change – because we’re the ones who’re going to make the change!

Get ready Democrats, we have a lot of work before us – but we also have the numbers and the momentum on our side! 

Here's to a Blue Blue Texas Future!


Gilberto Hinojosa