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"Beer diplomacy" at the White House.

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2614 days ago

"Beer diplomacy" at the White House.


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RanCiel810 2614 days ago

Yeah, it's really too bad he's treating these people as human beings who've had a misunderstanding they can talk out in a relaxing environment instead of acting as a remote, untouchable political figure and using his position to turn a minor news story in

mrjimhoyt 2614 days ago

Someone asked below, "Can't we all get along?" I say, "Can't our president be Presidential?" (that is also rhetorical)

BossPhazon 2614 days ago

This is sad in deed. We have a president that dosent even know what he is doing. He follows others when he should be running things. NP and HR are his mommy & daddy. Wake up America this should be enough to wake up you . The cop should not have shown up t

mrjimhoyt 2614 days ago

That was a rhetorical statement, the point is what matters, not if we can afford beer, airline tickets, or wasting everyones time for a photo op to make up for the botched, unprofessional spectacle Obama created last week. Someone asked below, "Can't we

HockeyTweeter 2614 days ago

. . . The President pays for all White House groceries and beverages out of his own pocket. Only official state dinners are paid for by the government. This was no state dinner.

wildbugdriver 2614 days ago

Can't we all get along!!!?

GideonRob 2614 days ago

The requirement to have this meeting is sad...

LadyCrow 2614 days ago

: Even if your tax dollars paid for a case of beer for each man to take home, that's a drop in the bucket compared to Pentagon waste and pointless bureaucracy. I'd rather pay for the beer, personally.

KenCarpenter 2614 days ago

Word is they stuck Biden with the check!

KenCarpenter 2614 days ago

"The Audacity of Hops"

KenCarpenter 2614 days ago


BarbJinWA 2614 days ago

Never thought I'd live to see this day! :( One idiot, two racists, and a cop that should learn to say NO. No, I wont come to WH.

mrjimhoyt 2614 days ago

Our nation has a leader that handles problems over a beer. How professional! I bet our tax dollars paid for their flights down to DC and for the beer.

LadyCrow 2614 days ago

: At least this President is able to successfully eat an entire pretzel without needing medical assistance. I'd say that's an improvement over his predecessor.

LUKIKA 2614 days ago

I think this is great!! It would be wonderful if all disputes could be settled in this manner. I applaud President Obama for this. It shows a President who is confident and comfortable with himself. Bottoms Up!

redgsnodgrass 2614 days ago

I'd prefer that people talk about it over beer as opposed to yell, fight, and hate..

willmarch 2614 days ago

Obama will later put on his Beer Goggles when discussing the economy.

Marcys2Cents 2614 days ago

Beer Summit I wonder if they had to ask for ID's before serving the Beers?! ;) Judging by the foam on top and the color, I'd guess it's #Budweiser! ;)

PabloMac 2614 days ago

3 massholes and a straight-up, squared away dude.

CRiS95 2614 days ago

This is just embarrassing.