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 "Black Adder" is the kind of show that might.  Black Adder the Third (1987– ) Black Adder (Remastered Ultimate Edition): Rowan.  called Baldrick's Video Diary which was produced to accompany the DVD release, which also featured the Comic Relief special Blackadder:.  Blackadder Rides Again: special 60-minute documentary to mark the 25th anniversary;  Blackadder: Remastered - The Ultimate Edition Blu-ray and DVD. 2.. Black Adder (Remastered Ultimate Edition): Rowan Atkinson,.  Black Adder Special by Richard Boden, John Lloyd, Richard Curtis and Ben Elton (Amazon Instant Video - Aug.  totally unsuited for "The Pink Panther" movies..  With the exception of the special program "Blackadder:.   Movie Details: View here.  Blackadder Rides Again: - Special 60-minute documentary to mark the 25th Anniversary,. 16, 2010)  BLACK ADDER (TV SERIES) - DVD review | Movie Metropolis .   The Black Adder (TV Series 1982– ) - IMDb  Set in England at the end of the War of the Roses, we soon find out that the history we know is a Tudor fiction.   Blackadder's Christmas Carol (TV 1988) - IMDb  Geek shows and movies on UK TV in the coming week: Christmas special! 21 December 2010 11:55 PM, PST | Den of Geek..   Blackadder - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia  The Black Adder was the first series of Blackadder and was written by Richard Curtis and.  Robinson states that after filming the Back & Forth special,