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2528 days ago


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anels80 2527 days ago

This season of big brother sucks, the click thing ruined it. Jeff and Jordan are the only cool people left. Ronnie is the most annoying person on T.v. and I can't wait for him and Jesse to go home. where did they find these people?

mikma 2528 days ago

can we say by by jesse

candic1 2528 days ago

he is hella dumb rite now i hope they do back door him cuz he put up casey!!!ronnie is a bigger threat!!!!!!!!

reddaysgoby 2528 days ago

Obviously he didn't learn from the last season-Arrogance doesn't win the game. Especially having his little pawn at his bedside all the time. She needs to ween herself from jesse or risk being alienated!

sharonkizer 2528 days ago

OMG!!!! He needs to go then Nat!!!! Don't understand why he thinks he's all that............he hasn't done anything, he has little puppets do all of his dirty work.....ummmmm Nat and Ronnie. They are the three Amigos!!

Rachie_101 2528 days ago

he said duece duece meaning on n then the other. but he is kinda full of himself an i mean full give him a verbal laxative n he wouldn't shut up for about 3 months

brokenalice 2528 days ago

I don't give two sh*ts about this douche douche. Get him out of the BB house!

steelergirlz 2528 days ago

One of a kind. THANK GOD!!!

deanrobin98 2528 days ago

doesnt duece mean "2" not "4" what a duochebag!!!!! Hopefully he will be nominated next week!!! Same week as last season to go home!!!!!

MarniLF 2528 days ago

OMG! Get over yourself!