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Bobby Seale originally shared this post to Seize the Time-Black Panther Party, 60's & Beyond (Historic):
"In June 1970, a joint report by the FBI, the CIA, the Defense Intelligence Committee, and the National Security Administration identified the Black Panther Party as the most "active and dangerous" black nationalist threat to internal security. The report expressed particular concern about widespread grassroots support for the party, noting that "a recent poll indicates that approximately 25 percent of the black population has a great respect for the BPP, including 43 percent of blacks under 21 years of age." The report also emphasized the large 150,000 weekly circulation of the Panther newspaper, 189 speaking engagements on college campuses in 1969, strong support from the Students for a Democratic Society and other "New Left" groups, the appeal of the Black Panthers to Blacks in the military, and the Party's international support from students in Europe, guerrilla movements in the Middle East, and the governments of Cuba, North Korea, and Algeria." Black Against Empire (The History and Politics of the Black Panther Party- Joshua Bloom, UCLA - Jan 2013)

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