Did you know? The Hudson’s building in Detroit held a world record—for fitting rooms in a store. Artist Dave Jordano captured a photo of the massive department store in 1973 (left), standing tall with 705 fitting rooms throughout its 49 acres of floor space; at right you can see Jordano’s 2010 photo of the former site of the store. The site has remained level since the Hudson’s demolition in 1998, with an underground parking garage below the surface. 

See more of Jordano’s revealing before and after images of the city in "Motor City Muse: Detroit Photographs, Then and Now" at the DIA. 

Dave Jordano, "Hudson’s and Former Site of Hudsons, Woodward Avenue, Detroit," 1973 (left image), 2010 (right image), Detroit Institute of Arts. ©Dave Jordano, 2012