Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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dragunova0530 1073 days ago

Y를위해 돌아다니시다가 조금만 신기하고 특이한것이 있으시면 오빠 그들을 두시고 발걸음을 옮길려니 발이 잘 떨어지지 않으시겠지요ㅋ 저도 거기에 같이 끼어 오빠랑 곳곳을 돌아다니고싶어요

IndaahShfly2424 1212 days ago

miss u oppa :))

Cutiebaby90 1215 days ago

wish to see you in SS5 Malaysia...Nice style bro

Cutie_Pie_80 1216 days ago

Can I say something...I missed you! I know you're not sleeping~~ hik hik hik... ^^

Cutie_Pie_80 1216 days ago

Wow~~So many customers...can see from the mirror~~Good business~~ Well done oppa~~ #proud #proud ^^

Cutie_Pie_80 1216 days ago

Nice coat~~ hik hik hik #myfavourite

Cutie_Pie_80 1216 days ago

Hey~~Sexy namja~~Op...Op...Op...Op...Op...Oppa Yesung Style!! hik hik hik

miachicshow 1217 days ago

Hey ~!! in my mind ^^

nova_3424 1218 days ago

Yesung Oppa.... I LOVE YOU and I MISS YOU :)

ReinhaELF 1218 days ago

~(❤‿❤)~ *hug*

iEMAN_3 1218 days ago

HoOoT Super HOT #YeSung-ah …<>

fitrykim_444 1218 days ago

how handsome you ♥♥♥

YC_chokyuhyun 1218 days ago

당신은 너무 멋지세요 ^__^

yeye_kaulitz 1218 days ago

you are handsome!! I love you *.*

zter89 1218 days ago

hi ... ^ - ^ ~❤

Du7un_WIFE 1219 days ago


CanadaELFDiana 1219 days ago


CN_MonZeCloud 1219 days ago

I always say: Yesung oppa is so handsome and cute ♥ And definitely it's true. 내 왕자님 사랑해요 ♥

YSCheri 1219 days ago

Hahaha ^^ Y seems to be a beautiful place! Love Y's sweater. Good night~~!!

SulliRainbow 1219 days ago

hi ! i really like your clothes :) have a nice day , be happy <3