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There's my 9-iron..!  
(No wonder I suck at golf!)

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1429 days ago

There's my 9-iron..!
(No wonder I suck at golf!)


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Justin_8ieber 1425 days ago

You only need about 4 more feet

WILLIAMTHE1ST 1428 days ago

take it easy with that Charlie boi you could have someones eye out lol

KsuBorman 1429 days ago

hey man, why u think that golf for retired people? U just don't know how play it;)))

napalmsuzi99 1429 days ago

isn´t it a shoe horn? lol... ur so cute. i have golfclubs but i don´t really play golf.

john_streif 1429 days ago

Golf is for retired people not knowing what to do with their time ... Hope you didn't retire yet!

KsuBorman 1429 days ago

Haha Charlie you like Kevin Cosnter in the film 'tin cup', he played a spade :)

greeneyewatch 1429 days ago

You are so funny babe thats a shoe horn ??ou are a smile "; )