Jake T. Austin


Keepin' it real...

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2005 days ago


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tashaperdon 1933 days ago

:O my phone :( .. lol ..x

belsie_ 1978 days ago


belsie_ 1978 days ago

whos this??

kuterussiangirl 1980 days ago

HI! Jake t austin tell him i said hi! hi but at least he know's JAKE T AUSTIN!

jbovesss 1983 days ago

whos that

caseymyrick 1993 days ago

umm im closterphobic... jkjk lol

marsbars786 1997 days ago

is dat the samsung tocco lite?

lil_boy_MJB 1998 days ago

whos he

_AmandaOfficial 1999 days ago

hahah i have that phone! except mines pink :]

musiciinmind 2000 days ago

hes cute

marcial357 2000 days ago

hey thats my phone! :D

connorp223 2002 days ago

it just looks like a brick room it sorda looks creppy

athenan7 2002 days ago

whoa, the place seems smaller than it really would be

ndrosa124 2003 days ago

cool every cute

AraBertagnoli 2003 days ago

haha cool pic! ;D

jaketaustingirl 2003 days ago

Very cool LOL so funny !

ClaudiaCarsley 2004 days ago

Nice, but a wee bit creepy.

HeyEsme 2004 days ago

There loox soo scary.

laurlaur888 2004 days ago

lol hve tht phone

_anairA_ 2004 days ago

it looks creepy in there... :O