Kevin Durant



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2640 days ago


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callmesiege 2603 days ago

what the fuckk a maserati? you live a good life haha

SaumSharifi 2640 days ago

my favorite car....i can't wait to have one. clean ride

Bxflirt 2640 days ago

Nice mazda =0)

jeFF_MKGxTLB 2640 days ago

got nothing on my corolla. LOL

PROTOTYPEPHAY 2640 days ago the nincompoop that said maybach, like he was correct hahaa!

Chubbshorns 2640 days ago

Wow homie u got it made. Stay up go longhorns!!!

amigosdegarcia 2640 days ago


CEOofCACHET 2640 days ago

I remember the first time u pulled up outside love nightclub in that joint. I was like yeah this nigga really made it now!! I gotta better pic of you and the whip if you want me to send it to you. Good to have you back home my nigga.

s_kruse 2640 days ago

drose got one of them dont he?

bigmoe8480 2640 days ago

this is how you know folks are just clownin! take a pic of a gearshift knob and get everybody sounding off! GENIUS!!!

tim_giles 2640 days ago

I bet it's a QP. My boss has one.

BKLYN_BBACH 2640 days ago

Thats gotta be that quattroporte!!! you 2 tall to be in a gran turismo lol

SalRodrigowitz 2640 days ago

mini van?

DBeck_ATL 2640 days ago

my maserati does 185 playa

glennsmith1 2640 days ago

maserati quattroporte

emac205 2640 days ago

Ok!!! Official

IMMrWright 2640 days ago

Maserati gran turismo

sunsfan1 2640 days ago

Maybach, baby!