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iPhone was exposed to a little sun in this Dutch car and "exploded"

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2066 days ago

iPhone was exposed to a little sun in this Dutch car and "exploded"


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alexandreho 2061 days ago

bottom line : buy a car that is #iPhone compatible.

Sjoerd_WCDO 2061 days ago

zie links het stuur, misschien een lesauto??

pepinovantol 2061 days ago

Dutch car? Met pedalen aan de rechterkant?

pvandersteege 2061 days ago

Looks dramatic, is this in Holland? Other sources say it happened to a british family.

dohduhdah 2061 days ago

nieuwe iphone slogan: smelt in je auto, niet in je hand!

DaanBogers 2062 days ago

i don't think an iPhone can make that much damage to this seet..

jschilders 2062 days ago

Looks more like somebody used a blowtorch on this seat and iphone.

robdebest 2062 days ago

it needs some improvement before James Bond can use these

Sidelinert 2062 days ago

ISelf-Destruct works perfect!

enzymeluv 2064 days ago

OMG... cheap seats.... ha ... a PR prank by an Android, Palm, or Blackberry fan.... good thing no one got hurt.

rabidrat 2065 days ago

i suppose it was lucky the whole car didnt catch fire

RoelCollignon 2065 days ago

It had a belkin sleeve. Could that have something to do with it?

imbrechtsjurgen 2065 days ago

the iPhone was not in a charger,
the cable you see are the earbuds.
the iPhone was in a WHITE Belkin case so sun exposure is not the problem.
apple nor T-mobile admit responsebillity!

floydion 2065 days ago

Wow man! What did you eat!?!

martijnd 2066 days ago

Can the owner tell exactly what happend?

PabloMac 2066 days ago

"Hello, AppleCare… ?"

mariebarger 2066 days ago

Looks like it was being charged. If the iPhone had caused the fire the iPhone would be melted!

espionagemanc 2066 days ago

pods die in hot cars.