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Marc Vaillancourt
Luce Lévesque
Mireille Leveque
Martin Dubreuil
Sylvain Patenaude
Anthony Pereira
K.M. Lavigne
Marie-Ève Petit
Karl Knight

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        . One cop out to stop them.  Urban Flesh Trailer 2007 - YouTube  Brand new trailer for the 1999 classic underground cannibalistic gorefest; URBAN FLESH.. Directed by: Alexandre Michaud. The nightmare of every regular citizens Inspector Vincent Blake is in charge of capturing a group of. Jump to: navigation, search..   Flesh Rot - The Urban Dead Wiki  From The Urban Dead Wiki. Urban Flesh: Urban Flesh, Alexandre Michaud: Movies & TV  A group of cannibalistic thrill-killers roam the city looking for prey when they stumble on the wife of the detective in charge of the investigation of their case.   Watch Urban Flesh [1999] online sockshare putlocker  Urban Flesh [1999] Online: Four cannibals hunting in the city..  Farewell to the Flesh and Candyman 3: Day of the Dead. Language: English. Duration: 01:19:42. Actors: Martin Dubreuil, Marc Vaillancourt and Marie-Ève Petit.   Urban Flesh (1999) - IMDb  Four cannibals hunting in the city.   Watch Urban Flesh online - Four cannibals hunting in the city..   Urban Flesh 1999 | Free Download | Women in Prison Films  Year: 1999.  Flesh Rot's most obvious benefit is the ability to withstand more damage before being killed.  I hope it's not nice cover shame about the film, we'll see. thanks to the uploader