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Shae D'lyn

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After a year in New York.   Retrospace: Vintage Men's Mags #15: Girlie Magazines A to Z (Part 3)  Candida is NOT a good name for a girlie magazine.  Favorite Film Discoveries of 2012 - Jordan & Julia. No comments:.  according to Dian Hanson's The History of Men's Magazines,. Reply Delete..  , risqué party jokes.  Nostalgia Party No. on Wall Street.  martin klasch: Illustration: Vintage Girly Mags 1962  Labels: 1960s, girlie mags, Magazines, topper, vintage, vintage girlie mags, vintage girly mags. 2 (film stills)        .  Girlie Magazines A - Z (Pa.   Shae D'lyn (I) - Biography  After graduating with honors from the University of Virginia, Shae D'lyn worked as an investment analyst for Morrow & Co. ~ Baseline StudioSystems  A Brief History Of Girlie Mags - TIME .  Girly-Magazine-Party - Trailer - Cast - Showtimes - NYTimes.com  Review Summary . The publisher of a girlie Magazine is getting married and his friends decide to throw him a huge blowout.   Retrospace: Vintage Men's Mags #17: Girlie Magazines A - Z (Part 5)  And Miss Super Boobs sounds like she'd be more fun to party with than Miss America.