Na Zha Film

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Tao Chiang
Ching Lin
Chen-Piao Li
Yi Feng
Man-Tzu Yuan
Ti Lu
Sheng Fu
Hark-On Fung
Yunzhong Li

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Standard YouTube License Show more . Free torrents. Download Na Zha.   Na Zha - Movie Plot Outline, Posters, Trailer, Photos and Trivia. Na Zha - å“ªå ’ - 02_1 (0) - Indonesian Subtitle - YouTube.        .  Film & Animation.  Directed by: Cheh Chang Writers: Cheh Chang Kuang Ni Starring: Sheng Fu Ti Lu Tao Chiang Hark-On Fung Yuan Man-Tzu Chen-Piao Li...  Winfred Thresher Na Zha Full Dvd Movie  Na Zha movie download. Year: 1974 Genre: Action, Adventure, Fantasy Country: Taiwan, Hong Kong  Na Zha - 哪吒 - 02_1 (0) - Indonesian Subtitle - YouTube  Nezha or Na Zha (Chinese: 哪吒; pinyin: Nézhā or Núozhā[1]; Japanese: Nataku or Nata). The film contains locations of the Lai Chi Kok Amusement Park in the 50's (now.   Na Zha,Plot Outline, Posters etc..   Na Zha (1974), a film by Cheh Chang -Theiapolis  «Na Zha» (also known as "Na Cha the Great", "Na Cha") is 1974 Action/Adventure/Fantasy film directed by Cheh Chang, and written by Cheh Chang and Kuang Ni.  Nezha increased in popularity in 1978 with the film Nezha Conquers the Dragon King,.  Zha dian na fu (1956) - IMDb  A Sun Ma Si-tsang comedy with the usual masquerades and hijinks from the master