Super junior Yesung .. ^^

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artasnowbell 725 days ago


AnnonymousHan 955 days ago

Love and believe too... FOREVER!!

Cutie_Pie_80 957 days ago

No one can deny...No one can say a word...No one can replace you in my heart..coz I believed in you~~

iEMAN_3 960 days ago

nice ^^~

irnaametha 960 days ago

yeppa voice is THE BEST!

HaNguyen92 963 days ago

No problem! everything was still good for Gray Paper^^!...believe. sleep well^^!

vanvanvaness 963 days ago

oppa we love and believe !!! you are the best ^^ saranghae <3

arshy3 963 days ago

are that true you army 1 september 2013?

arshy3 963 days ago

I PROUD oppa this me ,thanks. u look like a cartoon?

Evelyn_Sofia_97 963 days ago


nova_3424 964 days ago

we LOVE and BELIEVE !!! Yeeyy \(^_^)/

yeye_kaulitz 964 days ago

fighthing! take care!!

GeraldineMoZa 964 days ago

your performance was so good =D........keep working hard! love u!!

anyuylois 964 days ago

If thanks for sharing that beautiful talent ~^^~

yesunglover1 964 days ago

~^_^~.. Nee. Happy to hear that. Time to take a rest oppa. Jaljayooooooo...

HushXio 964 days ago

nice :)

TheAyuLuv 964 days ago

oppa ,, i believe you ,,^^

BlueSapphiress 964 days ago


Heloisahya 964 days ago

Thank you by exist, his voice comforted my heart and soul. We Love and Believe in you for ever! ^^

yewookaa 964 days ago

it's true!! we love and Believe you oppa~! ^^